Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Day

Seems that I have updated this blog more in the past 2 weeks or so than I have since the beginning of the year.  The days can pass slowly up here when its cold or rainy outside.  The machine goes off flying all day and on the many days that I don't get to go with it I have to fill my time somehow.

These pictures however are from one of those days when theres room in the helicopter and I go along to!

On our way to the Mountains (White River)

Looking for a spot to park to wait for the Geologists

Found a place to perch

White River

Not a bad place to spend the day

Yukon Wildflowers
These are the best days!  No TV, No Internet, No Cellphones...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Beaver Creek-isms

A little more of Beaver Creek,

Beaver Creek Airport
My Office

My Desk

This is trying to convince Anuk to go for a walk...she can be stubborn

Can't really tell but this is me in my bug and the bugs have a mutual agreement, I wear my jacket and they won't bite me!!
I'm honestly giving the thumbs up...not doing the chicken dance!

Nothing exciting...I haven't got fishing or anything fun, and there are no hiking trails to speak of here so my days are not filled with much excitement!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


...In the Yukon.

Been spending my days in a little border post town called Beaver Creek, YT.  Population 109.  Not much in the way of conveniences, but I still love it.  Its here, as many towns in the Yukon, because of the gold rush.  The people are nice, their way of life is simple, no ones grouchy even though they do without so much, including a fairly big necessity...a grocery store!  The only thing I am dying for is fresh fruit...bananas, watermelon, mangos, oranges, grapes, apples...really anything will do at this point!
On the way to Beaver Creek from Whitehorse

Kluane Lake

Beaver Creek hotel

My walking buddy Anuk (pilots dog)

Booming metropolis of Beaver Creek

Just from one of Anuk and mine many walks

Life is changing once again for me!  I've moved out of Norman Wells and am going to live out of my bag for the summer.  My very nice, helpful, awesome parents are taking care of Nuka for me right now...I would like to find somewhere for her to be with me but sometimes in this job its hard to do!  By fall for sure though...I miss her like crazy...


and sometimes...still such a puppy

Nukas best friend Colby

And that would be my update...